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Palais and Chatelaine cantines: Meat free day March 20

WHO: Less Meat Day

The WHO Green Group will hold its first Less Meat Day in the WHO cafeteria on Monday, March 4th. CFFL members will be there from 12:00 to check out the climate friendly options.

Read more on the Less Meat Day initiative at the Greening the Blue website:


UNAIDS cafeteria achievements – Susie Bolvenkel-Prior’s account

Susie Bolvenkel-Prior, who negotiated the Meat Free Day in the UNAIDS cafeteria with EURES told us her experience:

She said that it was not difficult to persuade the cafeteria, because they were very open for the greening idea, and after the first successful day they saw that there ware no financial losses. (The food is cheaper this way, and people still come and enjoy the food). She also achived banning paper cups. She emphasized that the choice and the quality very much depends on the chef.

She is also pushing for locally produced products. (Apples from overseas should not be sold, neither raspberries in the winter). Organic is difficult, because the authentication is often fuzzy.